Interest-free liquidity unlocked

Borrow LQUSD against ADA at 0% interest.

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Bringing DeFi primitives to Cardano

110% Collateral Ratio*

LiqwidX's efficient liquidation engine allows users to mint the most LQUSD stablecoin against their ADA with 110% minimum collateral ratio

0% Interest Rate

LiqwidX implements a minimal, one-time fee to borrow LQUSD instead of variable interest rates.


LQUSD is a stablecoin fully backed by on-chain assets and pegged to the US Dollar. The algorithmic fee calculation for redemptions and natural arbitrage for LQUSD vault owners helps sustain the peg.

Decentralized Governance

The community of LQX token holders will govern the LiqwidX protocol changes via the DAO governance module and treasury.

Our Team

DeFi and Haskell enthusiasts with deep experience building decentralized lending protocols on Cardano

Dewayne Cameron
Dewayne Cameron
Florian Volery
Florian Volery
Emily Martins
Emily Martins
Core Developer
Emily Martins
Software Engineer
Emily Martins
Mr.Chop Chop
Software Engineer
Emily Martins
Software Engineer
Emily Martins
Graphic Designer


2021 (Q2)

Technical Specification, Vaults CDP Smart Contract, Stablecoin Economic Model, LQX Tokenomics

2021 (Q3)

Stability Pool, UTXO Endpoint Specification, Vault Mint/Repay Functions, LiqwidX Governance System, Minting Fee Algorithm, LiqwidX-SDK

2021 (Q4)

Internal Audit, Plutarch Contracts, Protocol Documentation

2022 (Q1)

Liquidation System, Redemption Mechanism, LiqwidX DAO Treasury, Frontend App Development

2022 (Q2)

Testnet Launch, Security Audit

2022 (Q3)

Mainnet Launch, Community Governance, LQUSD Staking (Stability Pool), LQX Staking

2022 (Q4)

Secondary Product Offerings, Partnerships & Integrations, LiqwidX v2 Development, LiqwidX Mobile App, LiqwidX Layer 2 Development,


LiqwidX is a noncustodial DeFi liquidity protocol for borrowing that allows users to originate 0% interest loans against ADA deposited into individual vaults as collateral. New loans trigger the minting of LQUSD; a USD pegged stablecoin and are required to maintain a minimum collateral ratio of 110%. Beyond the collateral requirements, the loans originated in the protocol are backed by a Stability Pool of staked LQUSD and by other LQUSD borrowers in aggregate serving as liquidators. The LiqwidX protocol is decentralized and immutable with users directly interacting with the contract functions (e.g. minting LQUSD) onchain.
LiqwidX offers the most capital efficient borrowing conditions for Cardano users with key protocol benefits:
  • 0% interest rate loan
  • A minimum collateral ratio of only 110%
  • The community of LQX holders govern the LiqwidX protocol, the smart contracts that power LQUSD
  • LQUSD can be redeemed at face value for the ADA collateral during normal conditions
  • Users interact directly with protocol functions onchain, once deployed on mainnet the LiqwidX v1 smart contracts are not controlled by anyone
There are three different ways to generate revenue using LiqwidX:
  • Deposit staked ADA in the Vault to earn Cardano staking rewards with your pool of choice
  • Stake LQUSD in the Stability Pool and earn liquidation profits in addition to LQX rewards
  • Stake LQX and earn a share of the protocol revenue from issuance fees (in LQUSD) and redemption fees (in ADA).
LiqwidX is currently in development so there is no way to interact with the protocol. When the smart contracts are deployed to mainnet there will be a web application that allows any user to interact with the protocol.
LiqwidX DAO Token LQX is the protocol’s native asset used for governance and one way to earn LQX directly within the protocol is by staking LQUSD in the Stability Pool. 65% of the total LQX supply will be distributed to LQUSD stakers over a three year period starting at mainnet launch.